Why We Want Exit 190 To Remain Open

Why We Want Exit 190 To Remain Open

There are three critical points why we are fighting to keep Exit 190 open. Here are our reasons.


Customers of Palmview & Glenview businesses would be forced to navigate a longer and more difficult route through Tanawha (southbound) or exiting at Caloundra Road and then onto Steve Irwin Way (northbound). This makes it harder for customers to trade with those businesses that rely on exit 190 traffic. This means less chance of retention or repeat business, and a certain loss in revenue. It is estimated that by simply closing the southbound off ramp at exit 190, there will be an instantaneous drop of 50% in business. To close all four would be a disaster.

When tourists see an attraction they wish to visit on a major highway, or decide on impulse to stop, they immediately look for an exit to take. Closure of these off ramps prevents visitors from making that decision. It is very unlikely that they will double back to Caloundra Road & Steve Irwin Way to access this precinct, traveling south, or exit onto the Sunshine Motorway and double back via the western service road.


Emergency Services personnel have confirmed that the response times of Emergency vehicles coming into and out of Palmview and Glenview from the Bruce Highway would be extended, if they have to negotiate through the Western Service Road. This places lives and property at serious risk, as every minute counts in an emergency situation, when taking patients to Caloundra or Nambour Hospital. It is a matter of life and death.

Community safety is also at serious risk in case of fire, flood or mass evacuation of Palmview and Glenview, which could occur in neighbouring reserves, bush land and National Parks.


The existing on/off ramps at exit 190 are a vital link for residents, visitors and business people of Palmview and Glenview to access the Bruce Highway in a quick and efficient manner, without delays. Being able to access the Bruce Highway quickly is one of the reasons why many residents and businesses are located at Palmview & Glenview. The majority of current Palmview & Glenview residents use the existing north and southbound on-ramp access, onto the Bruce Highway, when they travel to Brisbane or Gympie.



There are many other issues with the planned upgrade, such as the destruction of the Steve Irwin Forest at the Caloundra interchange, and the T-intersections on the Western Service Road to the north of the project, at Tanawha. These issues are for other groups to fight. The Save Exit 190 group support their efforts and we wish them well.

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