Southbound Bruce Highway traffic changes in Palmview

Southbound Bruce Highway traffic changes in Palmview

The Bruce Highway Upgrade – Caloundra Road to Sunshine Motorway (CR2SM) is progressing well, with a number of traffic changes occurring on major and local roads to facilitate ongoing construction works.

From Tuesday 25 June 2019 (weather permitting), the current southbound entry ramp from Pignata Road, Palmview, to the Bruce Highway will be closed and traffic will be temporarily detoured onto a new section of highway.

This will change how motorists from Palmview, Glenview and the Aussie World precinct access the Bruce Highway.

The current southbound Exit 188A to Caloundra Road will also be closed on 25 June and replaced by a temporary ramp approximately 900m to the north.

Please refer to the map below.

These traffic changes will be in place for approximately eight weeks, weather permitting. After this time, all southbound Bruce Highway traffic will be permanently transferred onto the new southbound carriageway and access to the highway from Pignata Road will be reinstated. This will allow for the existing highway to be upgraded.

What to expect
Changed traffic conditions from Pignata Road to Bruce Highway southbound:
• Motorists will be temporarily diverted onto a new section of the highway’s southbound carriageway.
• Traffic will then be detoured to Caloundra Road and the Racecourse Road interchange to access the Bruce Highway southbound or Landsborough.
• Local businesses and residents have been advised of the upcoming changes.
Changed traffic conditions from Bruce Highway southbound to Caloundra:
• Motorists will take a temporary ramp from the highway approximately 900m north of the existing Exit 188A.
• Traffic will then use the new section of southbound carriageway to access Caloundra Road via the new Exit 188A exit ramp.
• The Bruce Highway southbound carriageway will remain unchanged for through traffic.

Traffic detours and lane closures:
• Prior to 25 June, Bruce Highway southbound traffic from Pignata Road will be detoured at night to facilitate these changes. The detour will be via the Frizzo Road entry to the highway northbound, Exit 194 and the Sippy Downs interchange.
• Temporary lane closures will also occur to allow for pavement works, signage installation and line marking.
• Traffic controllers and police will be present to assist motorists if required.
• Motorists are advised to follow directional signage and allow extra travel time.
Temporary lighting and audible noise
• Lighting towers will be used to light the area at night and audible noise from construction activities, guardrail installation and heavy machinery can be expected.
Working hours
Both day and night works will be required to complete these works.

The project’s working hours are:
• Night works: Sunday to Thursday, 7pm to 5am.
• Day works: Monday to Saturday, 6am to 6pm.
It is important to note that these activities are dependent on weather conditions.