Project team relocation to site

Project team relocation to site

TMR advises: The main site compound and satellite offices for the project are established in preparation for major construction to begin in mid-2017. Members of the project team have now mobilised to the main site compound at 120 Cresswell Road, Caloundra South. Project satellite offices are also established at Tanawha and Wilson roads in Tanawha. Residents can expect increased traffic travelling on these roads.

Maps showing the location of the main site compound and project satellite offices are shown in the construction notice attached. Site crew facilities will also be established at Pignata Road and Steve Irwin Way. Other satellite offices will be located near work zones as required during construction.

Preliminary construction activities between April and May 2017
Preliminary construction activities are scheduled between April and May 2017 across the project site to enable major construction works to commence. The following activities will be carried out in the lead up to major construction:

• weed spraying and removal
• vegetation trimming and removal
• construction of site accesses
• establishment of satellite offices near work zones
• fencing and surveying
• relocation of water, electricity and telecommunication services
• installation of traffic barriers and other site controls
• rock importation and dam filling
• commencement of earthworks
• drainage works.

Activities will progressively roll out across the site from the southern to the northern end of the project area. In the first stages, the work zones will be adjacent to existing roads, with approximate locations shown in the construction notice attached. It is important to note that these activities are dependent on weather and site conditions. Works will be completed during the day whenever possible. Due to the nature of the works and the proximity to live traffic, some activities will need to be completed at night when traffic volumes are lower. This will ensure the safety of motorists and workers.

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