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Why We Want Exit 190 To Remain Open


The response times of Emergency vehicles coming into and out of Palmview and Glenview from the Bruce Highway would be extended. This places lives and property at serious risk, as every minute counts in an emergency situation. Community safety is also at serious risk in case of fire, flood or mass evacuation of Palmview and Glenview, which could occur in neighbouring reserves, bushland and National Parks.
Two cases in point in the last two months, a burning truck was quickly attended to via emergency services that made excellent use of Exit 190 South to reach the inferno in a timely fashion. The second accident happened in the underpass that links Frizzo Rd to Pignata Rd, the car in question landed in the middle of the two highway bridges. Fortunately no one was killed in either accident. If the single vehicle accident had occurred under the new design things may have gone very differently as there would have been only one road option to reach the vehicle and anyone on the Palmview side of the road would have been trapped.


The existing on/off ramps at exit 190 are a vital link for residents, visitors and business people of Palmview and Glenview to access the Bruce Highway in a quick and efficient manner, without delays. Being able to access the Bruce Highway quickly is one of the reasons why many residents and businesses are located at Palmview & Glenview. The majority of current Palmview & Glenview residents use the existing north and southbound on-ramp access, onto the Bruce Highway, when they travel towards Brisbane (south) or towards Gympie (north).


Customers would be forced to navigate a longer and more difficult route through Tanawha (southbound) or exiting at Caloundra Road and then onto Steve Irwin Way (northbound). This makes it harder for customers to do business with the existing businesses, which means less chance of retention or repeat business, and a certain loss in revenue.

When drivers see a business they wish to visit on a major highway, they immediately look for an exit to take. Closure of these off ramps prevents visitors from making that decision. It is very unlikely that they will double back to Caloundra Road & Steve Irwin Way to access this precinct, travelling south, or exit onto the Sunshine Motorway and double back via the western service road. Upgrades mean an improvement to services, not removing infrastructure that has served the community well for many years, and will continue to do so for many years into the future. There are genuine alternatives to the proposed Draft Plan, and I request that TMR find suitable alternatives that will be acceptable to the communities of Sippy Downs, Glenview and Palmview.



The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) would like to advise you that Fulton Hogan Seymour Whyte Joint Venture has been awarded the detailed design and construction contract for the Bruce Highway Upgrade – Caloundra Road to Sunshine Motorway.

The project involves upgrading the Bruce Highway to six lanes between Caloundra Road and the Sunshine Motorway, including major upgrades to both interchanges and the delivery of a service road for local traffic on the western side of the highway between Steve Irwin Way and Tanawha Tourist Drive.

The design layout includes a number of key innovations and refinements to the July 2015 revised layout which were identified during consultation with the community. These key refinements include:

  • Provision of a revised southbound exit from the Bruce Highway to Pignata Road. The new exit ramp will meet current design standards and provide a safe and direct access to local businesses and residences, as well as a future connection to development in Palmview
  • Reduction of the project footprint on the Beerwah State Forest. The reduction will mean that the impact on the forest will be contained to the east of the Mooloolah Cemetery and will no longer impact environmentally sensitive areas to the west
  • Transformation of the existing Caloundra Road interchange into a Diverging Diamond Interchange. This innovative design will minimise the project footprint on Beerwah State Forest, while tackling congestion, enhancing capacity, improving safety, and providing active transport connections
  • Removal of the intersection on the Bruce Highway northbound exit ramp to the Sunshine Motorway near Wilson Road. The intersection will be replaced with new free-flowing, grade separated ramps to significantly improve safety for northbound motorists exiting and entering the Bruce Highway
  • Inclusion of a new roundabout at the Sunshine Motorway interchange as a secondary access to the western service road for northbound traffic on the Bruce Highway
  • Provision of a direct access to the Sippy Downs interchange from the western service road for local traffic
  • Retainment of all access ramps between the Sippy Downs interchange and the Sunshine Motorway
  • Provision of new active transport infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians as well as new car pool and bus stop facilities.

Preliminary construction activities are expected to commence in late 2016, followed by major construction in mid-2017. Construction is expected to be completed in late 2020, weather permitting.

TMR Contact details

For further information about the project, please contact the project team:

Phone: 1800 749 022 or 07 5451 7055
Post: Bruce Highway Upgrade Project (CRI to SSMW)
Department of Transport and Main Roads North Coast District
PO Box 1600
Maroochydore Queensland 4558

For more info, visit their website: CLICK HERE

The Save Exit 190 Group would like to thank everyone who have made a submission to TMR about keeping our on/off ramps open.

Thank you for your support.
Save Exit 190 Team

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Sunshine Coast Daily 27 July 2015: CLICK HERE

ABC Radio Interview 28 July 2015: CLICK HERE

Viewer request: Community groups still have issues with aspects of the billion dollar to upgrade the highway between Caloundra and the Sunshine Motorway. #7News Posted by 7 Local News - Sunshine Coast on Sunday, 26 July 2015

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Project team relocation to site

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Department of Transport and Main Roads wishes to advise of intermittent night works from Sunday 5 March until end March 2017 for pavement and service location investigations. The works will be undertaken at multiple locations between Glenview, Tanawha and Sippy Downs. Please note this schedule is subject to change due to weather and other site […]

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