Design Layout on Display

The Department of Transport and Main Roads advise:

“The project team will be available to discuss the design layout at staffed public displays at Chancellor Park Marketplace on 26 and 30 November and 1 December 2016, and Stockland Caloundra South on 3, 6 and 8 December 2016. The design layout will also be on display from 21 November to 16 December 2016 at a number of libraries across the Sunshine Coast (refer to the newsletter for further details).

More information about the project is available at: Community members can also subscribe to the free SMS and email service to receive updates about project activities and construction at this website.

We will continue to keep you informed on the project as it progresses. In the meantime, if you would like any further information, please contact the project team on 1800 749 022 or

The Department of Transport and Main Roads would like to provide you with the attached newsletter about the Bruce Highway Upgrade – Caloundra Road to Sunshine Motorway. If you are a resident or business operator near the project area, you may also receive a copy of this newsletter via an Australia Post mail-out over the coming weeks.”



  1. I know everyone is pleased to see the current plans much improved over earlier versions, but it could be quite a bit better yet.
    I have continued to advocate for an eastern service road which has several significant advantages:-
    -More direct route to get on to the Bruce Hwy southbound.
    -Negate the need for two-way traffic south of Glenview Rd.
    -Eliminate the need for the small overpass near the Caloundra Rd intersection.
    -Eliminate the need for one set of traffic lights.
    -Negate the need to tear up and rebuild the new traffic lights at the cemetery.
    -Allow the overpasses to be aligned a bit to the north of current plan.
    -Which in turn greatly further reduces the need to encroach into the Beerwah forest.
    -Will cope with higher traffic volumes resulting from the big Palmview development, eliminating the need to actually build this in decades to come.

    I’ve drawn up a concept plan of all this, hopefully this link will work for you:-

    Cost is always immediately brought up as an excuse. However, with the above list of things that do not have to be done, it would go a long way to paying for the extra lanes. Also, it is my understanding that the current design includes a conventional bridge structure over the Mooloolah River. However, large box culverts (similar to the existing) would be more than suffice from any engineering perspective – and much cheaper. This alone could save tens of millions, more than enough to build the eastern service lanes. I may be wrong about this, but I’m not being given any answer either when asking TMR.

    I’ve taken this to TMR with varying degrees of reception. Unfortunately the higher ups have been rather contemptuous and dismissive. Which is where the problems we’ve all had has been all along.
    The Minister is hardly useful either, not having any real understanding of traffic management and road design – despite being the Minister. He is beholden to the Department.

    So now with the public displays coming up, this is the last chance to achieve any input. We’re told we’ll be shown the completed detail plans mid next year, but that is all too late to change anything and is pretty much a waste of time showing us.
    Now I need your help to advocate this alteration to the staff at the public displays, to TMR staff, and especially to the Minister Mark Bailey.
    As a single voice I’m not cutting through to them. But with all of us calling for this, we’re more likely to get the result.

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