Buderim MP Steve Dickson Attacks Exit 190 Group

Buderim MP Steve Dickson Attacks Exit 190 Group

In an extraordinary statement in today’s Sunshine Coast Daily, Buderim MP Steve Dickson is calling Save Exit 190 community group a “vocal minority.”

Well Mr Dickson, we did not miss a “golden opportunity.” We were NOT invited to the SDDCA AGM meeting, yet we managed to have at least one member of our group in the audience on short notice. We had already met with all relevant politicians and T.M.R representatives who were present, two days before the SDDCA meeting. If you were relevant to our cause we would have met with you too!

We also already knew the SDDCA latest position that they did not support keeping Exit 190 open, and up until 17 July 2015 they did support us. The SDDCA made a public submission to that fact 3 years ago. We acknowledge and thank the SDDCA for now looking at supporting the Southbound off ramp at Exit 190 on the Bruce Highway. BTW, congratulations also to Peter Kinchin who is the new President of the SDDCA. We hope to be able to work with him in the future for a positive outcome for the community.

For Buderim MP Steve Dickson to attack us a “vocal minority” is quite disgraceful really. We have never been opposed to the Bruce Highway upgrade, and we never will be. We simply want our Exit 190 on/off ramps to remain open. Mr Dickson obviously hasn’t visited our website at www.exit190.com or our Facebook page (with over 1400 likes) to see the huge community anger over this issue. Perhaps he should be more concerned with bigger issues like why there will be a stop sign and T-intersection at the Sunshine Motorway southbound off ramp exit on the Bruce Highway at Tanawha (see below), than worrying about a pamphlet drop on car windscreens.


We think the most important part of the SDDCA meeting on Wednesday has been totally overlooked. Transport and Main Roads, Jarrod Bleijie MP and the Sippy Downs & District Community Association all came out in favour of Saving Exit 190 Southbound off ramp. This is a new position, and not one that was held even as close as Monday this week.

On Monday this week members of the Save Exit 190 group and representatives of the businesses associated with the changes to Exit 190 met with and had direct consultation with both state and federal members, who attended Wednesday’s SDDCA meeting. As a result of this open and frank discussion with the politicians we have achieved a result that will allow a step in the correct direction.

This is, in part, what we have all been fighting for. We have acknowledged the progress and thanked those involved in this positive step.

More info here – http://www.exit190.com/a-step-in-the-right-direction/

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