A Matter of Life, Death & Property

A Matter of Life, Death & Property

Point proven yesterday, with a truck catching fire on the Bruce Highway at Glenview. The driver was able to use the northbound off ramp at exit 190.

What would have happened if this unfortunate truck driver was forced to stay on and block the Bruce Highway? Traffic on the Bruce would have been grid-locked for many more hours, that’s what. Just as well we had Exit 190. The real champions of yesterday’s accident were the Emergency Service personnel and the southbound off ramp at Exit 190.

“Emergency services used the southbound exit to its full potential and got to the accident site in the fastest way possible,” said Steve Amos from Aussie World Garage.

Yes, an accident can happen anywhere, but our overall point is not specific to this particular accident. If it were to happen in Palmview or somewhere else in Glenview, having access to Exit 190 will only help Emergency services personnel get to the scene quicker. Or worse still. if a resident had a medical emergency, it would take an Ambulance longer to respond to your call.

A senior member of Queensland Police has confirmed that the response times of Emergency vehicles coming into and out of Palmview and Glenview from the Bruce Highway would be extended, if Exit 190 was closed.

This places lives and property at serious risk, as every minute counts in an emergency situation, when taking patients to Caloundra or Nambour Hospital, or when residents call 000 and need someone to attend.

“In this situation, every moment counts and could indeed be a matter of life and death,” said Mike Doroshenko of Save Exit 190 group.

Community safety is also at serious risk in case of fire, flood or mass evacuation of Palmview and Glenview, which could occur in neighbouring reserves, bushland and National Parks. Keeping Exit 190 open would also help residents leave the area in a hurry if there was this type of emergency, such as a flood or bush fire. The proposed Western Service Road would not be able to cope with this extra traffic, and could possibly also become flooded.

“We are not against the construction of the Western Service Road, but simply want to keep our on/off ramps open,” said Mike Doroshenko.

The fight to save our on/off ramps has been going on for quite a few years now. Here is an interesting article from 2012 which refers to comments made by Queensland Ambulance Service Sunshine Coast area director Neil Reid. Click here.

“The whole section of the Bruce Hwy from Caloundra Rd to Sippy Downs will be isolated from emergency services,” Mr Reid said.

“We have real concerns, we respond to a significant amount of calls in a community of that size and there will be a significant delay in response time if this goes ahead.

“We will have no access to the north and south lanes of the Bruce Hwy.”

No Exit 190 means longer response times for Emergency Service vehicles, and it will cause delays if you call for help. That is a matter of life, death & property.